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February 23, 2021: Interviews and Panels

I hope you made it through the cold spell without too many challenges. All things considered, those felt like some of the coldest days I’ve ever experienced in my five decades in Calgary, but they are behind us now. Like the weather, our campaign for mayor is warming up.

The team is working on an expanded website that will do a great job in getting our message out. It should be ready in the next two weeks. The team will let you know when it goes live and then I’d ask you to share it with your contacts

In the meantime, I’ve been busy speaking with groups of Calgarians about their thoughts on major issues facing Calgary. I’m impressed with, and encouraged by the passion and pride Calgarians have for our city.

I recently spoke with Catherine Brownlee on her ‘Cat’s Track’ YouTube program, which you can watch here. I encourage you to listen to the interview and share it with your friends to learn how I seek to make living and working in Calgary even better.

Did you know Calgary has the youngest population of all the major cities in Canada? According to the 2016 census, 70 percent of the population is between 15 and 64 years old, with the average age being 37. This young demographic is a key driver in Calgary’s economy and success, and although our world has changed a lot in the past five years, this group remains one of our city’s strongest assets.

I’m also hearing that many of those young people are unfortunately thinking about leaving Calgary. I invite you to join me to explore this issue in a panel discussion on February 25th called Why Calgary? The Opportunity and Challenge of Young Talent Mobility.

The panel will discuss the very real issues and concerns that young people are facing. Some have already left Calgary for greener pastures but we want to discuss how to attract them back to live and raise their families here for the long term. I will be speaking from my perspectives as a father with three children, and someone who has been a long-term business person and job creator in Calgary. My fellow panelists will also consist of policy makers, educators and young adults.

I urge you to pre-register for the forum here to watch the discussion. There’s no charge, and it will last just one hour, from 4 to 5 pm on Thursday, Feb 25.

In closing, if you know of any other groups or events that you think it would be a good fit for me to attend, please let me know. Also, as our campaign gears up, I’m hoping you can sign up as a volunteer and introduce me to friends who would be as passionate as I am about our great city.

Thank you for your support and have a great day.

 Brad Field

Previous E-Newsletters

January 13, 2021: Adding Bench Strength

Momentum is the name of the game, friends. 2021 has already seen significant momentum in our campaign. Last Wednesday, we submitted the deposit, forms, and signatures to Elections Calgary, making me an official candidate for Mayor. On Monday afternoon, I got the opportunity to share a small portion of my vision with Danielle Smith on her CHQR770 show (take a listen here).

Today, I am pleased to announce that we are expanding our campaign team.  

Over the past number of years, we have relied on the amazing effort of a small-but-mighty group of volunteers. This work was led by Craig Watt as Chair and Lindsay Amantea as Campaign Manager. For those who have worked in and around campaigns before, you will know the work and energy required that goes into building campaign profile and filling out the team. Not to mention, the creativity and ingenuity required to do that during a time when we can’t be in backyards or at kitchen tables.  

Our team recognized more capacity was needed at the top. Effective immediately, Geoff Pradella will be joining our team as the full-time General Manager of the campaign, allowing Lindsay to focus her considerable talent and expertise on the vitally important role of Operations Manager. Craig remains as Campaign Chair.

Geoff is a seasoned political strategist, having worked on campaigns at all levels of government throughout his career. While he has considerable business, academic and non-profit experience, Geoff’s time as a VP with the Calgary Chamber of Commerce adds insight and perspective that will be particularly useful in our campaign. He brings with him experience in strategy, team building, and the management of complex projects. 

Geoff’s business partner, Susan Elliott, will also be serving the campaign as a Communications Advisor and will work closely with Jessica Conlin on our path to the Mayoral office. Susan is well-respected in politics, known for her keen instincts and specific experience in political campaign messaging.

Please join me in thanking this amazing group of individuals, as well as all of those who have already taken on so much. If you, or anyone you know, would like to lend their talent to our team, sign up to volunteer here. 

Thank you, 

Brad Field

January 5, 2021: And We’re Off!

Friend –

Today, I submitted the required documents to ensure my name is on the ballot in October’s municipal election. With the help of volunteers, signatures were collected from all quadrants of the city.

While nine months may seem like a world away, there is much work to be done between now and election day. What can you do today?

  • Invite a friend to volunteer with you on our campaign
  • Host a virtual meet & greet. Email us to set that up.
  • Engage with us on Facebook & Instagram

As we are officially in the race, we can now accept donations. That is another way for you to help out today. Our website will be ready to take donations soon. If this is an option for you, please contact in the interim, and someone will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

I continue to be humbled by the support and dedication of our volunteers and supporters. Our campaign is full of the finest people in our city, and we’re just getting started. Let’s roll with this momentum to take a fresh perspective all the way to the Mayor’s seat.

Thank you for your support, your feedback, and your warm wishes to date. Together, we can realize the vision of what Calgary CAN be.

Brad Field