Time to do things differently

In just a few months, Calgarians will cast ballots in a pivotal municipal election.

We can choose to continue down the same old path of wasteful spending and above-inflation tax increases, governed by combative leaders more interested in soundbites than solutions.

Or we can choose a new pathwith a fresh perspective, collaborative leadership skills, and a Mayor who understands – from real-life experience – how economic development happens.

How well and how fast Calgary recovers depends on choices we make today. We will need smart, stable and experienced leadership more than we’ve ever needed it before.

Moving Calgary forward starts by electing a Mayor who is singularly focused on revitalizing our economy, strengthening communities, providing good services at a reasonable cost, and who will trust the determination of Calgarians to have a world class city.

Please join me in the weeks and months ahead as I present my plans for change to Calgary voters. Working together, I know we will have a livable, affordable, resilient Calgary.